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Dear GRG Management Customers,

We are available by appointment only.  Our front office is closed to any walk-in foot traffic.

However, there is a drop slot installed in our front door so that you may safely drop off documents and payments during business hours if necessary.

For all other inquiries please visit our Contact Us page.  Your emails and/or voice messages will be handled in the order in which they have been received.  Please do not duplicate.

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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Management that Works

As a Board Member you need a management company that works hard to keep your community in top shape in every area: association finances, property enhancement & maintenance, legal requirements and resident compliance.  Drop the ball in any one of these areas and you'll soon be in trouble.

A good management company will give homeowners and board members peace of mind in all of these areas by taking care of the hard tasks as well as the easy ones.  Board members are part-time community volunteers, and management companies are full-time paid professionals.  It only makes sense that your management company should bear the weight of day-to-day operations under your direction, not the other way around.

Bottom line: your management company should be doing the work, not you.

So if you’re currently employing a management company, ask yourself who handles the hard problems, you or them? If the answer is you, it may be time to switch.

Or if you're not currently using a management firm, then you probably already know firsthand the need for relief from both the constant, drip-drip-drip of mundane issues as well as the potentially explosive compliance, maintenance, financial, or legal issues that can occasionally occur.

Either way, please consider allowing GRG Management to give you greater peace of mind.  Requesting a proposal is easy, and it’s free.

Genuine. Respected. Growing.™

Specializing in the management of community associations and homeowners associations for over 25 years, GRG Management is a local company serving only the San Diego County and Riverside County areas.

A respected leader in its industry, GRG services over 50 homeowners associations and manages over $1.2 billion dollars in assets.  And that number is growing.

The secret of GRG's success is genuine, personalized care - a rarity in an industry filled with large, national companies.  We feel that anonymous, impersonal service is unacceptable, because nothing is more personal than someone’s home.

Our mission is “… to protect, preserve, and enhance your home, property and community with quality care that is both personal and professional.”

Quality management, personal service.  That’s GRG.

Genuine. Respected. Growing.™

To learn more about GRG, click here.  To contact us, click here.  To request a proposal, click below.

Our Testimonials

Wondering what people just like you have to say about GRG and our services?  Check out our testimonials below and read as board members and homeowners go on the record about their thoughts and experiences with GRG.

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I have been dealing with GRG Management for 16 years. I have found them to be polite, courteous, professional and very responsive. I have received call backs when I have left a message during the lunch hour or after hours and on the few occasions that I have had to call the emergency number. The same goes for when I have had to stop by in person. I know that they are always looking out for our HOA and assist us in finding the best ( and reasonably priced ) vendors, helping us keep our HOA dues down. I really appreciate the time that they put in ( after hour board meetings, weekend emergencies) to help us make our community the beautiful, safe place it is. Keep up the good work.

AP, Carlsbad

I almost didn't purchase my condominium in February of 2012 because of weak reserves and high delinquencies. I recall looking at the 2014 Reserve Study and almost selling because we were only 7% funded. Weak reserves scare off buyers and lenders.

From what I've read, less than 30% funded is considered weak. Sara, I'd like to thank you and the GRG team on behalf of the Vista Hills Homeowners Association for steadying the ship. Our reserves are currently 41%.

Deferred maintenance is being performed and enthusiasm is high. Candice Place is becoming a more appealing place to live and property values are on the rise.

FC, Vista

Thank you for being so amazing to work with. We came to you upset and with a grievance & you handled yourself in a professional & caring way at every interaction. We sincerely appreciate how understanding & responsive your were helping us get to a solution that works for everyone. You made a great difference & we are grateful. All the Best,

J and J N., Vista

I have found GRG to be professional, courteous and timely in their responses to me. Leann has been excellent in listening to my concerns and helping to the best of her ability. I have totally appreciated her help and wish more companies practiced the same level of customer service. Sincerely.

JN, Carlsbad

It is sad that the only comments posted are from a handful of unhappy homeowners. I know that they deal with many communities and residents. I have been dealing with GRG for more than 12 years and have found them to be helpful and responsive to our HOA.

BM, San Marcos

Hilary, On behalf of the SV Mobile Home Park and for myself personally, I want to thank you for all of the hard work you did to get our finances in order. We have always tried to run our Park in a business - like manner and truly appreciate your help in getting us back on the straight and narrow.

JD, Vista

As a previous Board President, I would just like to take this opportunity before I leave the community to let you know that working with you was a pleasure. Your expertise and guidance was a welcome change. I can only hope that the new association I'm moving into is lucky enough to have someone like you!

JB, San Diego

Thanks SO much for taking care of the gate situation...I work with an 'Inspector for HOA Elections', and we do a lot of work with Property Managers. I just wish they were all as helpful and quick to solve problems as you! Your're terrific!

BW, Poway

THANK YOU for getting right on top of my concern...neighbors will be relieved to get this issue under control.

CN, Carlsbad

...I enjoyed working with you and think you do an excellent job.

SB, Carlsbad

...thank you for your time and effort in re-keying the complex and changing out the garage door openers...all went pretty well and that's because of you!

MS, Carlsbad

You are so great at keeping us posted and 'in-tune.'

Thanks for being at the meeting today. You have a great calming influence and your participation was appreciated!

MS, Carlsbad

I can't say it enough -- but I can say it enthusiastically...THANK YOU!

I think the world of you and appreciate all you have done for our community -- it now feels like a real "neighborhood" and is a pleasant home -- so much is directly from you. Thanks so much.

CLR, La Costa

It is Great to be back in the directory!! Not 30 minutes after I received your email, the phone rang and it was a florist needing to be let through the gate to deliver flowers from our son. Problem now solved with many thanks to you!

BW, Poway

...we've worked hard to save money where ever we can which has resulted in consecutive years without having to raise our assessment, despite increasing expenses...Thank You GRG for working with us and hearing our requests for cost saving measures.

DR, San Diego

...You have done a world of good, and you're so wonderful to work with...I truly feel a debt of gratitude and a height of respect for you.

CR, Carlsbad

...What a great job you have done for our community. GRG has completely turned our community around. Our manager is great & is always friendly & helpful. ...GRG breaks the mold when it comes to management companies. Our community had a long string of management companies that did not do anything for us & then GRG changed all that.

KR, Carlsbad

...just wanted to say thanks for the courtesies extended us last was great meeting everyone and we really appreciated all the good info.

We have been very fortunate to have such good people to work with at GRG...and especially fortunate to have such a caring and capable guy like Jim May to keep our finances in such good order.

As the new president, I look forward to working with all of you over the next few years. Thanks again, and our best to everyone.

BG, Fallbrook

...It was an excellent decision to engage GRG Management, Inc. as our property manager...what a pleasure to see our GRG representative mature in her position and become a valued advisor to the association and the board.

MS, Carlsbad

GRG Management has been great. We have been very happy with GRG. So much better than some of the other companies we worked with.

RN, Carlsbad

Thank you for taking care of the dry rot damage. The vendor you hired did an excellent job and I would recommend using them again.

JB, Carlsbad

Excellent! The reserve allocation percentages look wonderful! You do such a great job. Thanking you so much.

BS, Carlsbad

GRG may not realize how much I TRULY DO appreciate their works! They have handled so many things professionally, effectively, friendly, and done perfectly! I had grown to think, under past management companies, that there may be no such thing as a good one. Wow, has GRG ever broken down that false belief! I've appreciated so many things they have done. If you could imagine the years of frustrations I had before GRG picked us up, there just "is no way to get from there to here"!

Please know that these "thank you's" are not empty words; I mean to tell you, every night I come home, I am appreciative of our neighborhood, our property values and aesthetics, the resolution of "problem" neighbors, just all the ways GRG looks out for us...and it really is like a whole new place!

Please - accept my very heartfelt thanks.-it is the least I can do. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

CR, La Costa

Thanks for your time today; you're right on top of everything. I am very impressed with your skill and knowledge -- and your great personality

ML, Carlsbad

You're the best!

EB, Carlsbad

Thanks for the time today, and for having things so well organized? You are so-o-o good to work with.

ML, Carlsbad

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