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Dear GRG Management Customers,

We are available by appointment only.  Our front office is closed to any walk-in foot traffic.

However, there is a drop slot installed in our front door so that you may safely drop off documents and payments during business hours if necessary.

For all other inquiries please visit our Contact Us page.  Your emails and/or voice messages will be handled in the order in which they have been received.  Please do not duplicate.

Thank you!

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Service Packages Governance Business Community Property Details

Our Service Packages

Community Care™

Our most popular services package, GRG Community Care™ gives homeowners and board members everything they need to protect, preserve, and enhance their homes, property, and community.

Effective and efficient, GRG Community Care™ features association governance services; business and financial services; community building services; and property maintenance services.

Each of these major service categories are described below, along with further service details.

Custom Care™

Although the vast majority of our clients choose our GRG Community Care™ services package, our emphasis on personalized service means we’re sensitive to your individual needs and concerns, and are willing to make the necessary adjustments.

That’s why we offer our GRG Custom Care™ services package, which lets you select from our existing set of services or work with us to define a new service to meet your association management needs.

If your situation is unique, our GRG Custom Care™ package was made for you.

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Association Governance Services

"A cornerstone of a successful association is effective governance principles and practices - principles that support communication and practices that delineate responsibilities."


One of the most effective ways to help increase support of Board decisions is through communication. If the members are informed of the issues facing their community and understand why the Board makes the decisions that it does, then they are more likely to support and comply with those community decisions. In addition, effective communication also allows Members to voice their comments, requests, concerns and ideas so that the Board can make its decisions based on the best interests of the entire membership.

To achieve support and adherence to the governance by the membership we foster communication through board and committee meetings and newsletters, for members to stay abreast of board and committee meeting schedules, meeting minutes, and actions taken.


Clear delineation of association responsibilities allows the association to optimize the use of Board, committee, and volunteer resources. Our management philosophy views the Board of Directors as the policy making body of the association. Our managers act as advisor to the Board when our expertise and experience can add value. We view our role as the Managing Agent for your community responsible for carrying out the directives of the Board. In this way the Board may delegate the day-to-day operations of the association to the manager such as:

  • Completing regular inspections of the property
  • Reporting violations of the Covenants, Rules and Regulations, and the Design Standards
  • Providing notice to homeowners whose property is out of compliance
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Business and Financial Services

Our Cornerstone

Maintaining complete, accurate, and timely association financials is a cornerstone of our firm. We produce all the necessary financial information your association will need to make sound financial decisions.

From developing Pro-Forma operating budgets to reserve funding, our firm has the resources to protect and maintain the financial health of your association.

Financial Reports

As part of our services we provide the following financial reports on both an interim and annual basis:

  • Accounts Receivable Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation of All Accounts
  • Budget Comparison Report
  • Cash Disbursement Report
  • Operating Budget
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Community Building Services

"Positively managing the expectations of the membership can be a great enhancement to the quality of life in a community."

Building Positive Associations

Our managers play a key role in building a sense of community and positively affecting members' perceptions of their association through consistent communications and quality management.

Comprehensive Communications

To help increase community involvement and volunteer effort, our managers focus on a comprehensive communications program to educate members and provide them with a better understanding of association life. Through printed association newsletters to leading Online Services that provide members with convenience and accessibility, we offer a complete solution for our clients.

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Property Management Services

"We know that a well-maintained property produces the highest returns for owners - and we're proud to offer a long list of satisfied owners as testimony to our maintenance programs."

Fast & Efficient

Our staff has the ability to identify and solve your maintenance issues quickly and effectively utilizing our network of carefully screened vendors - vendors who know the level of service and quality our clients expect. As part of our maintenance program, we provide regular site inspections of the property, present our findings to the Board, and assist in securing bids when maintenance work is needed.

Ready Day & Night

With our 24/7 emergency phone line, residents can even report maintenance concerns from anywhere and at any time.

Residents may also report a maintenance issue via our website form, which allows them to include photos of their concerns taken with their cell phone or tablet.

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Service Details

Customer Service

  • Provide 24-hour, 365 days-a-year emergency service
  • Provide response within 24 hours via email or phone

Project Manager

  • Field telephone and email inquiries from owners and vendors
  • Perform monthly project inspections
  • Prepare violation notices
  • Prepare hearing notices
  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Obtain proposals from vendor for the Board of Directors
  • Code and approve Association invoices
  • Maintain Corporate Minute Book
  • Maintain Corporate files
  • Supervise Association vendors
  • Prepare monthly action list
  • Handle emergency duty
  • Prepare annual election/meeting

Staff Accounting

  • Prepare monthly financial statements & budget recommendations
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliation
  • Prepare Association records for annual audits & tax returns by auditors

Accounts Receivable

  • Prepare individual owner billings
  • Research and respond to client questions regarding their assessment history
  • Maintain individual account histories/ledgers
  • Process special assessment fees to individual owner accounts for violations of CC&R's
  • Process all miscellaneous income (gate card, key fees, clubhouse rental fees)
  • Setup and process all ACH (Automated Clearing House) deposits

Accounts Payable

  • Receive and process invoices from vendors
  • Maintain Association daily bank balances
  • Research past due balances on invoices from vendors
  • Maintain monthly paid bills file for Association
  • Process inter-branch deposits

Data Processing

  • Prepare monthly Association statements, if applicable
  • Place messages on monthly billing statements, if applicable
  • Prepare and process insert to be mailed with monthly statements

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